3F, Form Follows Function, we engineer and produce performance parts that are not only pleasing aesthetically but also functional. Our team of accomplished engineers has decades of experience in their respective fields; whether the component is aerodynamic or mechanical, you can be sure that it is not brought to market until it has been perfected. Our products are meticulously tested for strength, endurance, and performance; whether in the lab, on our runway, or under real world conditions. We pride ourselves on our commitment to providing functional parts of the utmost quality. Our company specializes in high end performance automobiles, offering components that meet the demands of their discerning owners.


Our company was founded because we, as automotive enthusiasts, felt there was a need for properly designed and engineered performance products. We never compromise in our quest for perfection, striving to achieve performance we take no shortcuts. If it is not good enough for us, it is not good enough for you.